How TXT International Supercharges Executive Search with ContactOut

We define success by making the most of the conversations we have with potential candidates.
Aqeel Hassan
Senior Client Partner at TXT International

TXT International

TXT International is an executive search firm based in Buenos Aires. They are a small team of 14 but have an immense reach across the globe. TXT International also partners with all industries and has done so completely digitally for 15 years. We interviewed Aqeel Hassan, Senior Client Partner at TXT International, who is in charge of Salesforce effectiveness. He was the one to introduce the ContactOut Chrome extension to his team - and it’s become an integral part of their sourcing.


  • Contacting potential candidates quickly
  • Minimal responses via social media
  • Retrieving personal emails
  • ContactOut’s Chrome extension to rapidly retrieve contact information
  • Using ContactOut to obtain personal emails and phone numbers
  • ContactOut’s inventory of 75% of the world’s professional’s contact information
  • Providing initial candidates to clients within 5 working days
  • The ability to text or email potential candidates
  • Potential candidates responding to TXT International within hours


For the TXT International team, they allow their candidates to “dip their toes in the water when exploring new opportunities,” says Aqeel. For the most part, Aqeel and his team rely on LinkedIn messaging to reach potential candidates. TXT International needs to provide potential candidates to their clients within 5 working days. That goal can be tricky to meet when a potential candidate does not check or answer their LinkedIn messages. Time is definitely of the essence too and their process has little room for failure when the company only gets paid when their candidate is successful with their client.

ContactOut helps us speak to candidates that we otherwise would not be able to reach via social media.
Aqeel Hassan
Senior Client Partner at TXT International
We do not charge a fee unless we are successful. Therefore, we need to get it right. That is why ContactOut is useful.
Aqeel Hassan
Senior Client Partner at TXT International


To get in touch with a potential candidate promptly, personal contact information is the best way to go. Aqeel and all of his teammates at TXT International have access to the ContactOut Chrome extension which gives them access to 75% of the world’s professional’s contact information with the click of a button. It has made it easier than ever for Aqeel and his team to email a potential candidate directly to their email.
of the world’s professional’s contact
Being able to get a personal email is highly valuable.
Aqeel Hassan
Senior Client Partner at TXT International


Aqeel shared with us a story in which he had a client that was a reputable French automobile company, and they were looking to fill the position of Chief Financial Officer. Aqeel had contacted an individual he thought to be a great fit for the role via LinkedIn and did not receive a response. With ContactOut’s Chrome extension, Aqeel was able to get the candidate’s email and send him a message directly. Within a very short period, the candidate replied and Aqeel was able to present that candidate to his client.

The best thing about ContactOut is how easy it is to use. The add-in is very simple and the support team at ContactOut is always quick to reply if there is an issue.
Aqeel Hassan
Senior Client Partner at TXT International

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