Spreetail Dominates Ecommerce with Talent Found using ContactOut

With ContactOut we’ve been able to source at least 50 excellent candidates a week.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail


Spreetail is currently dominating eCommerce as a company that connects brands to customers wherever they like to shop online. They pride themselves on being an end-to-end eCommerce growth partner. They have fulfillment centers in 8 cities across 6 states working with giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair.


  • Not enough sourcing value
  • Even with competitor’s software, kept resorting back to LinkedIn
  • Demand for candidates is high, the sourcing process is slow
  • ContactOut’s inventory of 75% of the world’s professional’s contact information
  • ContactOut’s Chrome extension is one-click and done
  • ContactOut’s 97% accuracy rate saves time by avoiding bounce back emails
  • Spreetail team has grown by 20 talented individuals in 3 months
  • More than 50 candidates are sourced per week
  • Averaging 6-8 individuals onboarded per month


We sat down with Nick Sanders, a Recruitment Manager for Spreetail, to see how he has used ContactOut as his secret weapon to grow the Spreetail team. Nick had heard about ContactOut as a leading sourcing tool and decided to try it himself through a free trial of the software. Nick claims, “everyone I have talked to sees the value in ContactOut.” Before using ContactOut, Spreetail relied heavily on the use of LinkedIn and competitor’s software for retrieving contact information for potential candidates. As eCommerce has continued to grow, so has Spreetail. This has led to a huge increase in demand for qualified candidates to help support Spreetail’s mission.

ContactOut has allowed us to quickly get candidates in our pipeline and has helped us fill our open roles faster.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail


With ContactOut’s Chrome extension, Nick gained access to 75% of the world’s professionals with the click of a button. Nick claims, “it’s as easy as clicking ‘email’, getting it, and go.” Not only is the tool fast, but it has a 97% accuracy rate which is a real-time saver for recruiters like Nick who hate to get that dreaded bounce-back email.
of the world’s professionals are available
accuracy rate the correct information
Not many tools can get you the correct email information, let alone a personal cellphone number like ContactOut does.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail
Having access to personal phone numbers is extremely valuable. It means I can text my candidates and get responses faster than I would via LinkedIn.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail


It is pretty safe to say that Nick and his team at Spreetail have found their secret weapon for recruiting top professionals in their industry through the use of ContactOut. Their team has grown by 20 talented individuals in 3 months through the use of ContactOut.

Nick is also able to stay ahead of the demand of the business by sourcing more than 50 potential candidates per week leading to 6-8 onboardings per month. Nick is very confident that he and his team will continue to use ContactOut to support the growth of their organization and stay ahead of competitors by acquiring top talent.

ContactOut is the best scraping tool on the market easily. I don’t see us going away from it.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail
As a Recruitment Manager, my success is determined by the quality and quantity of the candidates that I can get through the pipeline. With ContactOut I am able to exceed my goal of 4 onboardings per month.
Nick Sanders
Recruitment Manager at Spreetail

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