Ivy Exec Succeeds in Growing Their Network of Experts with ContactOut

ContactOut has provided us with the ability to connect with the Experts we need, in a more seamless and timely manner.
Sara Farkas
Chief People Officer of Ivy Exec

Ivy Exec

IvyExec.com is a leading online platform for successful business professionals. With over 2.5 million global business leaders within our membership, Ivy Exec partners with organizations that wish to gain visibility to this highly sought-after, high caliber demographic. Their Corporate and University clients include MIT, INSEAD, SalesForce, Deloitte Consulting Nielsen, and others. Ivy Exec has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the US for 3 consecutive years.


  • Niche focus of Experts they connect to
  • Low accuracy and coverage of expert contact information from other providers/venders
  • Connecting to a Subject Matter Expert quickly and effectively
  • Access to personal email with the click of a button
  • ContactOut’s 97% accurate directory for personal contact information
  • ContactOut’s Chrome extension to get contact information instantly
  • Connecting with niche subject matter experts, no matter the project
  • Confidence in knowing the email won’t bounce back
  • Delivering speed that leaves clients impressed


We sat down with Sara Farkas, Chief People Officer; and Zorana Mihic, Project Manager (Market Insights) from Ivy Exec to hear their thoughts on how ContactOut has improved their business as a Market Insights Firm whose Primary Research Services support Corporations, Consulting Firms, and Market Research Firms. The Ivy Exec team had been using other sourcing platforms but found them to be failing by providing inaccurate emails and phone numbers.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you put time and effort into creating a personalized email for an Expert only to have it bounce back with a return to sender.
Zorana Mihic
Project Manager (Market Insights) for Ivy Exec

In addition to that, their projects often involve reaching highly specialized subject matter experts​ ​that cannot always be located easily online. Ivy Exec, Market Insights tested a number of research platforms and compared the quality. ContactOut came out on top amongst competitors.

Corporations, Consulting Firms and Market Research Firms come to Ivy Exec for a high touch client service experience and access to high caliber experts that are often difficult to connect with.
Sara Farkas
Chief People Officer of Ivy Exec


Through ContactOut’s Chrome extension, 75% of the world’s professionals are available at the click of a button. Not only is the Ivy Exec team now able to retrieve contact information in record time, they also have the confidence in knowing they have the correct information at hand with ContactOut’s 97% accuracy rate.
of the world’s professionals are available
accuracy rate the correct information
When you come across a great subject matter expert profile, it is very convenient to click the Chrome extension button, get their contact details, and easily get in touch with them.
Zorana Mihic
Project Manager (Market Insights) for Ivy Exec
Having accurate contact information is so important to us and to our client. Something my team appreciates the most is that we have almost eliminated bounce back emails.
Zorana Mihic
Project Manager (Market Insights) for Ivy Exec


The Ivy Exec team, with the help of ContactOut, is now exceeding their goal in growing their list of trusted and vetted experts. They can also reach those experts at a speed that is desirable for their clients. The team no longer has to spend time digging for emails and can focus on the quantity and quality of the time spent pairing their clients with leading experts.

Our company’s motto is ‘empowered success’. We measure our success by the success of our clients.
Sara Farkas
Chief People Officer of Ivy Exec

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