BDEX Ramps up Business Development with ContactOut

For us, this is it. We’ve got to use ContactOut.
Brain Hathway
Vice President of Business Development at BDEX


BDEX, standing for “big data exchange”, is one of the first big data exchange platforms. They sell consumer information to business giants such as Amazon, Estee Lauder, and CitiBank. The BDEX team is a small team of 10 individuals but considers themselves “elephant hunters” for securing their successful clientele.


  • Contacting potential clients
  • Little contact information from competitors
  • The delayed sales process
  • ContactOut’s Chrome extension to rapidly retrieve contact information
  • ContactOut’s inventory of 75% of the world’s professional’s contact information
  • ContactOut’s easy to use extension and accurate information
  • Securing substantial clients such as Amazon, Estee Lauder and CitiBank
  • We doubled our output
  • Closing sales within weeks from the first prospect


We sat down with Brian Hathway who is the Vice President of Business Development. Although he claims he “spends all day on LinkedIn”, he has been responsible for many of the recent successes at BDEX. He claims without the help of ContactOut, he may have not been able to secure the big accounts that he has. Brian and his team started by using one of ContactOut’s competitors but were then offered a free trial of ContactOut and never looked back.

ContactOut helps us connect with people I am not currently connected to but need their contact info rather quickly.
Brain Hathway
Vice President of Business Development at BDEX
We define success by bringing in new clients.
Brain Hathway
Vice President of Business Development at BDEX


Because Brian spends most of his day on LinkedIn, the ContactOut Chrome extension is most helpful. With the extension, he and his team can now access personal and business contact information at the click of a button while on a prospect’s LinkedIn page. ContactOut is home to 75% of the world’s professional’s contact information. The tool has proven to be over 90% accurate when providing that information which speeds up the prospecting and contacting process.
of the world’s professional’s contact
accurate in providing information
ContactOut provided either a personal email and/or business email plus a phone number. It is a lot more detailed.
Brain Hathway
Vice President of Business Development at BDEX


Brian shared with us the story of how he secured CitiBank as one of his clients. He essentially already knew and had a good relationship with someone at CitiBank but did not have their work email. With the use of ContactOut, he was able to reconnect with that individual at CitiBank and through her get in touch with the right point of contact for business. He said within a matter of weeks from contact he was able to close the deal which he said, “makes me look like a genius.” Brian says that ContactOut has also improved his speed and accuracy when prospecting new clients. That has led him and his team to double their output by 50%.

It helps you do your job correctly and more efficiently.
Brain Hathway
Vice President of Business Development at BDEX

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