WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..

WIMCO Villas is a leading villa rental and concierge company in St. Barths, the Caribbean, and Europe. Our experience and relationships have been developed over more than thirty years of crafting remarkable villa vacations—for all kinds of travelers at all levels of budget. A little bit about WIMCO Villas:We represent over 1,800 private villas globally. In the Caribbean, a few places you’ll find us in are: St Barths, Anguilla, Turks & Caicos, Barbados, the Virgin Islands and a selection or private islands. In Europe, we have villas throughout France, Greece and Italy. On average, our Villa Specialists have been with us for 15 years. Each year they travel, inspect and sleep in our villas. They know which villas get all day sun, and which ones are perfect for honeymoons. In 2010, we launched WIMCOsbh, a dedicated concierge service office in St. Barths. Our team of concierges greets guests upon arrival, and remains available for the duration of a guest’s vacation. Interested in a yoga le...
WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More.. contact details
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leisure, travel & tourism
28 Pelham Street,Newport,Rhode Island,US

WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More.. Management & Employee Directory

Laura Dargan
Laura Dargan
Accountant at WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..
Florian Solomiac
Florian Solomiac
Head Concierge chez WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..
Jean Drewes
Jean Drewes
Senior Sales Assistant at WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..
Amanda Brayman
Amanda Brayman
Digital Marketing Specialist at WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..
Douglas Foregger
Douglas Foregger
Specializing in in Luxury Real Estate on St. Barth's, St. Tropez, Nantucket and Monaco
Matthias Solinas
Matthias Solinas
Front Desk & Private Concierge chez WIMCO Villas - Caribbean, Europe & More..
Olivia Amato
Olivia Amato
Social Media Specialist, Socialyse North America - Havas Media

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