Vicky Foods

Vicky Foods is 100% family owned company leading in the food sector and with more than 65 years of experience. It currently has a workforce of more than 2,470 employees. Its own brands include Dulcesol®, Hermanos Juan® and Be Plus®.The evolution of Vicky Foods in recent years has been marked by the consolidation and strong growth of its economic results. Thus, it is the number one company in sales volume in the bakery and pastry sector in Spain.With presence in countries such as Algeria, Portugal, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Morocco, the Netherlands, Russia, Germany and the United States, the company has two industrial plants in Gandia, Játiva and Villalonga dedicated to the manufacture of around 2,500 references. In addition, it also has an industrial plant in Algeria, near Oran, a country in which the company occupies the first position in the pastry sector.
Vicky Foods contact details
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food & beverages
Avinguda d'Alacant, 134,Gandía,Valencia,Spain

Vicky Foods Management & Employee Directory

Francisco Bucho Del Coso
Francisco Bucho Del Coso
Técnico de mantenimiento y proyectos en Grupo VickyFoods
Jose Antonio Moreno Rosillo
Jose Antonio Moreno Rosillo
Responsable Unidad de Negocio BE PLUS- VICKY FOODS
Eduardo De La Osa Martin
Eduardo De La Osa Martin
Grupo Dulcesol. supervisor comercial Sevilla y Huelva
Israel Montero
Israel Montero
Supervisor comercial Sevilla y Huelva en Hispadul s.l. grupo Vicky Foods
Nicolas Viaud Marti
Nicolas Viaud Marti
Carlos Juan Estevan
Carlos Juan Estevan
Sales and Marketing manager (Banded Products)
Jessica Canovas Fresneda
Jessica Canovas Fresneda
Licenciada en Periodismo y Brand Manager, con Máster en Social Media. Apasionada de lo digital y radiofónico. Presentadora y locutora.
Isabelle Favier
Isabelle Favier
Administration des ventes France chez Vicky Foods
Marta Bertomeu
Marta Bertomeu
Marketing y Comunicación en Vicky Foods
Massimo Giovenale
Massimo Giovenale
Responsabile Commerciale Business Development Italy presso Gargani/ Vicky Foods
Pablo Juan Estevan
Pablo Juan Estevan
Responsable de organización industrial en Vicky Foods

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