Unitek College

Unitek College’s mission and philosophy is to provide quality programs that are sound in concept, implemented by a competent and dedicated faculty and geared to serve those seeking a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills required to obtain employment in their chosen fields. The programs emphasize hands-on training, are relevant to employer’s needs and focus on areas that offer strong long-term employment opportunities. To offer students the training and skills that will lead to successful employment, Unitek College will: o Continually evaluate and update educational programs o Provide modern facilities and training equipment o Select instructors and faculty with professional experience in the vocations they teach and the ability to motivate and develop students to their greatest potential o Promote self-discipline so that students may enjoy success on the job and in society
Unitek College contact details
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Higher Education
4670 Auto Mall Parkway,Fremont,CA,United States

Unitek College Management & Employee Directory

Ron Tate
Ron Tate
President and Co - Founder at KoachIT Technololgy Education at KoachIT Technology Education
Jenny Lam
Jenny Lam
Academic Coordinator at Unitek College | UX/UI Designer
Sindhu Sebastian Msn Ob/gyn
Sindhu Sebastian Msn Ob/gyn
Registered Nurse/Nurse Instructor, Open for RN position at Acute Care hospitals
William Kramer
William Kramer
Helpdesk Manager \ IT Project Manager at Unitek College
Cheryl Saelee
Cheryl Saelee
Senior eLearning Specialist at California State University, East Bay
Atina Bertos
Atina Bertos
Registered Nurse Emergency Department at Mills Peninsula Medical Group
Partnership Development Specialist at Unitek Learning
Michael Collins
Michael Collins
Vice President of Admissions at Unitek Learning
Dana Lynn Formby
Dana Lynn Formby
Playwright, Screenwriter, Dramaturg and All Things Narrative
Debbie Godsen Depalma
Debbie Godsen Depalma
Trainer & Coach | Curriculum Development | Instructional Design
Jennifer Graves
Jennifer Graves
Academic Chair, Humanities | Higher Education
Paul Toomey
Paul Toomey
Graduate Employment Specialist at Unitek College
Zak Overby
Zak Overby
Solutions Architect at Aspen Group, Inc.

Unitek College Competitors

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