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financial services
1-3 Dufferin Street,London,London,GB

Trussle Management & Employee Directory

Beau Allison
Beau Allison
Co-Founder and CTO @ tranch (YC S22)
Gavin Sharpe
Gavin Sharpe
Protection Insurance Broker & Estate Planner. 15 Years of Retail Management In Telecommunications & Entertainment Retail
Giacomo Tessa
Giacomo Tessa
Business Development Manager at Proportunity
James Croft
James Croft
Commercial Operations Director at Vyne | FinTech | Payments | ex Revolut, TotallyMoney
James Peck
James Peck
Partner & Head of Operations at Mubadala Capital - Ventures, Europe
Nikki Boyle
Nikki Boyle
Commercial Partnerships Lead at Trussle | Fintech | Mortgages

Trussle Competitors

financial services
information technology & services
computer software
Financial Conduct Authority
financial services
Heritage Bank Plc
financial services

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