Tom Holzer Ford

Located at Ten Mile and Haggerty in Farmington Hills, Tom Holzer Ford has grown to be #9 Ford Dealership in the Unites States of America. We are a proud sponsor of the Farmington Hills Y.M.C.A, the Novi Parks and Recreation Department, and we are actively involved in the Walled Lake, Northville, Plymouth, and West Bloomfield communities. We carry a wide variety of New & Used vehicles for purchase or lease which are always available for immediate delivery no matter where you may live. We are a Full Service Dealership featuring Parts, Service and Bodyshop. Need to rent a car while yours is in our shop? Our On-site Enterprise Rental is available for you. Contact Enterprise Rental, and they will reserve a car for you at a Special rate. We also offer Free Shuttle Service for our customers who would like a ride to or from their home or work. We have grown considerably since 1974, and continue to expand -- but one thing that has not, and will not change, is our commitment to total Customer...
Tom Holzer Ford contact details
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39300 Ten Mile Rd,Farmington Hills,Michigan,US

Tom Holzer Ford Management & Employee Directory

Carlo Capicchioni
Carlo Capicchioni
Parts & Service Director at Tom Holzer Ford
Steve Di Piazza
Steve Di Piazza
Used Car Sales Manager at Serra Automotive
Brian Holiday
Brian Holiday
Automotive Sales Consultant at Tom Holzer Ford
Christine Scherrer
Christine Scherrer
Bachelor of Science (BS) at Florida State University
Josiah D Knight
Josiah D Knight
Parts Counter Representative at Serra Ford Farmington Hills
Pamela Spiker
Pamela Spiker
Sales Consultant at Serra Ford Farmington Hills

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