The Lockwood Group

The Lockwood Group was founded upon a premise of Leading the Way to Mission Readiness with the intent of our services to ensure the mission readiness of our Nation, Defense and Federal Government.The Lockwood Group believes in a carefully designed culture centered around a clear vision and meaningful core values provides purpose. Our culture is based on the following six core values – ethics & integrity, customer commitment, team & family environment, patriotism, leadership, and positivity. Please visit our website for more details on each one of these.Our service delivery is customer-driven with the intent being to solve our customer’s underlying problems. We continually take steps to address these challenges through our solution offerings.Contact u[email protected]
The Lockwood Group contact details
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defense & space
4694 Millennium Dr,Belcamp,Maryland,US

The Lockwood Group Management & Employee Directory

Carolyn Carter
Carolyn Carter
INDEPENDENT MEETING PLANNER| Small Meeting Management| Healthcare Compliance| Government| Third-Party Subcontractor
Chuck Park
Chuck Park
Chief Operating Officer at Cole Marie Austin LLC
Karen M Lockwood
Karen M Lockwood
Executive director, commercial trial lawyer, diversity advisor, boards: mission, strategy, & board culture.
Mary Ellyn Zola
Mary Ellyn Zola
Senior Account Director-Publications at The Lockwood Group
Peter Mathisen
Peter Mathisen
Group VP, Group Scientific Director at The Lockwood Group
Robert Cristiano
Robert Cristiano
Technical Writer/Editor - Logistics Research and Engineering Directorate (LRED) at The Lockwood Group
Ellen Novak
Ellen Novak
Property Manager at The Lockwood Group, LLC
Jodi Holland
Jodi Holland
Senior Project Manager at The Lockwood Group
Lamar Wilson
Lamar Wilson
Sr. Integrated Logistics Support Manager at The Lockwood Group
Al Burgun
Al Burgun
Talent Acquisition Lead at The Lockwood Group
Meredith Ristic
Meredith Ristic
SVP, Strategic Business Development at The Lockwood Group

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