Startup Leadership Program

Startup Leadership Program is a global not-for-profit educational program and professional network for the next generation of founders and entrepreneurs. Created in Boston back in 2006, the program has educated 2,500 fellows in 12 countries, so far we are proud to count over 600 women in our network. Fellows have started over 1,500 companies raising more than $550M from the world’s leading investors and accelerators.
Startup Leadership Program contact details
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education management
Boylston St,Boston,Massachusetts,US

Startup Leadership Program Management & Employee Directory

Karam Sethi
Karam Sethi
Co-founder & CEO at Terra | AI Powered Video Summaries
Vinay Nathan
Vinay Nathan
CEO & Co-Founder @ Altizon, #DigitalFactory
Aneesh Varma
Aneesh Varma
Tech entrepreneur always fighting for better outcomes for consumers
Ned Sahin
Ned Sahin
Neuroscientist and CEO/Founder of Brain-Based EdTech Companies
Consultant en gestion et création d'entreprise
Chethan K R
Chethan K R
[email protected] SynctacticAI - Fastest Analytics and ML adoption for high growth startups and SMB's
Sunando Bhattacharya
Sunando Bhattacharya
CEO @ Indiqus | Leveraging open-source to build the largest distributed cloud infrastructure network in the world | We are hiring!
Shivansh Garg
Shivansh Garg
Selling Stories | Entrepreneur | IIM Dropout
Neil Bhanushali
Neil Bhanushali
Program Leader at Startup Leadership Program
Mukul Barmecha
Mukul Barmecha
CEO, Kairee Systems P.L. : Document Management Systems, Software Development, Car Rental Software, Accounts Payable Automation
Veeral T
Veeral T
Founder & CEO @ Sudarshan CADD Tech | CADDSTOCK
Benoit K
Benoit K
Entrepreneur | Cooking a Decentralized Project
Utsav Agrawal
Utsav Agrawal
Founder & CEO of Kaizen Young Consultants | Young Achievers Award | Startup Leadership Program | HPAIR | Yatri | Toastmasters
Venkata Suresh Cherukuri
Venkata Suresh Cherukuri
Founder at HeartyBite Healthy Snacking | Ex-Delivery Program Manager at GlobalLogic | UCLA Anderson School of Management
Emma Lowndes
Emma Lowndes
Helping business leaders achieve XX% growth by reviewing proposition & activity, identifying opportunities & efficiencies | marketing programmes | digital implementation | healthcare & care | portfoli

Startup Leadership Program Competitors

500 Startups
venture capital & private equity
Jamesburg Board Of Education
Education Management
Education Management

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