SES Risk Solutions

SES is a program specialist that offers master policy insurance solutions for portfolios of real estate owned or controlled by financial institutions and investors. SES prides itself in having a 30 year history of being a strategic resource to our clients by delivering unparalleled customer service, proactive relationship management, and innovative products and technology in support of our clients' business goals. SES offers a dynamic work environment that attracts top level talent built around high performance, teamwork and creativity.SES currently has two business units: Trust - SES is the foremost expert and largest provider of insurance products and services for residential and commercial real estate held in trust by financial institutions. SES serves more than 100 financial institutions across the U.S, including 18 of the 25 largest banks. In addition to a dedicated staff of insurance professionals and a national network of retail brokers, SES uses advanced proprietary technology...
SES Risk Solutions contact details
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1851 E 1st St,Santa Ana,California,United States

SES Risk Solutions Management & Employee Directory

Andrea Haymore
Andrea Haymore
Sr. Surplus Lines Coordinator at SES Risk Solutions
Brian Ewell
Brian Ewell
Assistant Vice President, Account Executive at SES Risk Solutions
Cooper A
Cooper A
Account Associate I at SES Risk Solutions
Tarun  Tulsiani
Tarun Tulsiani
Accounting Supervisor at SES Risk Solutions
Doris Lim
Doris Lim
Senior Account Manager at SES Risk Solutions
Kurt Petersen
Kurt Petersen
VP Master Trust Program Manager at SES Risk Solutions
Brian Bresnan
Brian Bresnan
Senior Business Analyst at SES Risk Solutions
Alexa Evans
Alexa Evans
Underwriter at SES / Alliant Insurance Services
Helen Carruthers
Helen Carruthers
Insurance Professional - Financial Institutions Products - Semi Retired
Juliette Gamini
Juliette Gamini
Production Underwriter at SES Risk Solutions
Kellampalli Chinna Atchaiah
Kellampalli Chinna Atchaiah
Associate Vice President Software Development at SES Risk Solutions(A portfolio company of Alliant Underwriting Solutions)
Michael Del Giorgio
Michael Del Giorgio
Underwriting at SES Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc.
Pallavi Bhole
Pallavi Bhole
Software Engineer at SES Risk Solutions

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