Portobello America

Portobello America, a Portobello Grupo brand, creates, produces and distributes complete and competitive coating solutions focused on the USA market.We believe that design can transform the way that people feel by shaping the environments in which we live. This idea is the essence of Portobello America.Our business model is an integrated one. With expertise in retail and logistics, as well as being founded on design and innovation, our company is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support to our partners.Portobello America creates, produces and distributes complete and competitive tile solutions, with a customer-focus and agile management approach; Always connected, offering services focused on our clients needs.Our success depends fundamentally on people; The most talented ones, with the willingness to do more and to do better, in a transparent way, so we can grow together.Always evolving through design and innovation with a focus on digital solutions, Portobello America cre...
Portobello America contact details
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Portobello America Management & Employee Directory

Chase Lackey
Chase Lackey
Wood Segment Account Manager - Southeast at Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
Ronei Gomes
Ronei Gomes
CFO Grupo e IRO | VP de Finanças LatAm (América Latina) | Diretor Financeiro e Relações com Investidores (RI) Brasil | Membro do Conselho de Administração | Conselheiro Consultivo
Alicia Banner
Alicia Banner
Senior Human Resources Manager at Portobello America
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez
Warehouse Operations Manager at Portobello America
Steve Tonsul
Steve Tonsul
Regional Sales Manager @ Portobello America
Kaitlin Rine
Kaitlin Rine
Logistics and Transportation Lead at Portobello America
Janet L Crisp
Janet L Crisp
34 Years Supply Chain, Inventory, Procurement and Logistics Management
Kellie Sorrell
Kellie Sorrell
Transportation Administrator, Portobello America
Luz Feliciano
Luz Feliciano
Human Resources Generalist at Portobello America
Marina Eing Barbosa
Marina Eing Barbosa
Human Resources Generalist at Portobello America

Portobello America Competitors

Neville Lumb
building materials
building materials
Bradnam's Windows & Doors
building materials
Union Corrugating Company
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