Our employee scheduling and management platform is designed to save you time and money. Planday fundamentally restructures the workplace with its a real-time business and employee collaboration software that offers transparent shift planning, easy communication, streamlined HR processes, and online and mobile time clocking. Planday also supports managers with granular reporting and payroll integrations. We are proud to enable businesses and employees to work better together.
Planday contact details
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human resources
Kuglegårdsvej 7-9-11,Copenhagen,København K,DK

Planday Management & Employee Directory

Anders Frederiksen
Anders Frederiksen
Interim Chief Revenue Officer/ Co-Founder at Planday
Jack Halstead
Jack Halstead
Account Executive, EMEA @ Drata | Security & Compliance Automation 🔒
Spencer Warner
Spencer Warner
Software Sales | SaaS Solutions | Business Optimisation | Workforce Management - Account Executive at Planday
Jesper Grenaa Eilertsen
Jesper Grenaa Eilertsen
Product Manager | User Centered | Data Driven
Bryan Leong
Bryan Leong
Commercial Leader | Marketing & Strategy | Growth, Technology, Personalisation, Brand
Kristian Kryger
Kristian Kryger
People | HR | Development | Motivation | Performance | Leadership | SaaS
Rob Foulkes
Rob Foulkes
Growth marketing leader focused on business success
Vasileios  Maneas
Vasileios Maneas
QA Lead at Planday | Author | Speaker | Coach
Anna Ingemann Jensen
Anna Ingemann Jensen
Sales Enablement | Trainer 👩‍🏫 | Coach | Help Sales Improve Productivity
Anne Larsen
Anne Larsen
Growth & Revenue Operations | Customer Value | B2B SaaS | Breaking Taboos
Arthur K
Arthur K
Later stage marketplace investor. CMO of 2003-2012. Product, marketing & data geek.
Garrett Mchugh
Garrett Mchugh
Software Sales | SaaS Solutions | Business Optimization | Workforce Management
Guillaume Durao
Guillaume Durao
Business angel & early-stage venture capitalist
Niels Skovgaard
Niels Skovgaard
Freelance Software Engineer 🚀 Currently NOT available for new freelance projects
Tanja Marie Lovefod
Tanja Marie Lovefod
| HR Technology & Automation | Designing HR Compliance Software | Planday Powered by Xero |

Planday Competitors

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Human Resources
human resources

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