Parker Tide Corp.

Parker Tide is a veteran-owned, small business located in the heart of downtown Washington, DC. We provide recruitment, staff augmentation, and strategic solutions to both the Federal Government and the private sector, nationwide.Parker Tide has been operating in the DC Metro Area for over 25 years and has specialized in the Federal market space for this entire century. Parker Tide is a multi-million dollar company on the GSA schedule. Our growth can be attributed to best value solutions and quality results. Under the GSA 736 Schedule, Parker Tide has been a quality provider of professional and administrative services for shorter term needs for the Federal Government. Our clients count on us to provide candidates for “hard-to-fill” positions throughout the Federal Government.Parker Tide is also one of the top providers of Acquisition and Contract Administration support in the area. We have one of the deepest pools of qualified Procurement Human Capital of any outside contracting com...
Parker Tide Corp. contact details
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Management Consulting
818 Connecticut Ave, NW Suite 325,Washington,DC,US

Parker Tide Corp. Management & Employee Directory

Steven Burchett
Steven Burchett
Deputy Program Manager with 20+ years of Supervisory/Managerial experience increasing efficiency, productivity & revenue
Andre Fork
Andre Fork
Progam Assistant at Parker Tide Corp.
Arthur Tony Abrams
Arthur Tony Abrams
President Global Change Management Group, GCMG
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson
Personnel Security Specialist at Parker Tide
Cheryl Smith
Cheryl Smith
Personnel Security Specialist at Parker Tide Corp.
Janita Dutch
Janita Dutch
Program Support Assistant at Parker Tide Corp.
Michael Mccormick
Michael Mccormick
Personnel Security Specialist at Parker Tide Corp
Michele Kelly
Michele Kelly
Writer/editor at Walton & Green Consultants LLP
Sharon Pitts
Sharon Pitts
Personnel Security Specialist at ParkerTide Incorporation
Virginia "ginger" Gianni
Virginia "ginger" Gianni
Human Resource Assistant II at Parker Tide Corp.

Parker Tide Corp. Competitors

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