Ministry Of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE

Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE | 4,820 followers on LinkedIn. وزارة الطاقة والبنية التحتية - الامارات Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure- UAE | *رؤيتنا استدامة وأمن الطاقة والمياه والثروات الطبيعية وصناعات تنافسية مبتكرة لمجتمع ينعم بالرفاهية والسعادة. *رسالتنا تنظيم وتنمية قطاعات الطاقة والمياه والتعدين والصناعة من خلال وضع وتطوير ومتابعة تنفيذ السياسات العامة والتشريعات والاستراتيجيات وبناء الشراكات بالتعاون والتنسيق مع الجهات المعنية، وتمثيل مصالح الدولة محليا وإقليميا وعالميا وإعداد الدراسات والأبحاث التخصصية وفقا لأفضل الممارسات. *قيمنا المؤسسية - المسؤولية المجتمعية - التواصل -
Ministry Of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE contact details
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Government Administration
Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Ministry Of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE Management & Employee Directory

Mohammed Juma
Mohammed Juma
Credible and strategic Advisor to the Assistant Undersecretary of Support Services Sector Office with a consultative approach when delivering strategies to improve efficiencies across Dubai
Eman Almansoori
Eman Almansoori
Director of tenders and contracts department at Ministry of Infrastructure Development
Wael Ghadban
Wael Ghadban
Expert Witness (MOJ, ADJD)- Project Director - Contracts Manager- ; Member of Advocate Prime Dispute
Asim Rehmani
Asim Rehmani
AEC - Digital Transformation, Digital Twins (R&D, Solution Optimization), BIM Management, Asset Management, Interface Management, Reality Capture, Scan to BIM, Digital Strategy Innovation
Ahmed Almurshidi
Ahmed Almurshidi
Assistant Professor at United Arab Emirates University
Mohanad Khalil
Mohanad Khalil
Tender Analysis and Contract Management /Engineering Contract Department at Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE
Tala Shuqair Masce - Leed Ga
Tala Shuqair Masce - Leed Ga
MSc Climate Change and Development Masters Student at University of London SOAS
Tim Sinclair
Tim Sinclair
Engineering, Projects and Operations Management Specialist.
Umraz Ahmed Noor Ahmed
Umraz Ahmed Noor Ahmed
Expert Energy Infrastructure/ Energy Policy / IPP Solar Specialist / Specialist , Solar/ Power Generation / Transmission & Energy Advisory.

Ministry Of Energy & Infrastructure - UAE Competitors

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