Ministry Of Education, Saudi Arabia

MOE Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia History: A formal education system took shape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia when the General Education Management Center was established in Ramadan, 1344H, which laid out the first plan for a complete educational system. On 27 Muharram, 1346H, an Education Management Committee was formed which established a single system of education, with different educational levels. The first primary curriculum was designed by 1354H. During 1357H a private school system was also formalized. The Ministry of Education was formed in 1373H. The first education minister in the Kingdom was the late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Fahd Bin Abd AlAziz. The most significant achievements of the Ministry in its initial days were: 1. Creation of an administration plan for the Ministry of Education. 2. Construction of schools and continually improving the standards of education. 3. Laying the foundations of higher education with the inauguration of the...
Ministry Of Education, Saudi Arabia contact details
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Government Administration
Ministry of Education,King Abdaulazziz Road,Riyadh,SA

Ministry Of Education, Saudi Arabia Management & Employee Directory

Hani Choudhry
Hani Choudhry
Assistant Deputy Minister for Research and Innovation at Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Abdullah Alagla
Abdullah Alagla
مؤسس لقاء العلاقات العامه
Sami Alamri - Qm
Sami Alamri - Qm
Project Manager at The Center For Intellectual Awareness في Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Prof Nasser Alaqeeli
Prof Nasser Alaqeeli
Deputy Minister for Research & Innovation at Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Abdullatif Alabdullatif
Abdullatif Alabdullatif
Advisor to HE The Minister of Education, General supervisor of digital transformation
Fawaz Al Zaid
Fawaz Al Zaid
Portfolio Manager at Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Abdulrahman Alsayari
Abdulrahman Alsayari
Optimist, Program Manager at Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim Alghamdi
Ibrahim Alghamdi
General Manager of Human Resources Planning at Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia. Human Capital | Strategic Human Resource | Workforce Planning | Talent management | leadership development | Orga

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