We believe that a great outfit can change your day, and so can the professionalism, expertise and warmth of a great work environment. We’re a $1 billion dollar company with values that are rare to find in retail and a community of passionate, engaged associates who value a collaborative culture and are committed to connecting with one another as well as with our customers. Our goal is to offer all associates an opportunity to not only work for one of the most successful retailers around, but also do so in a way that embodies our values of authenticity, curiosity and agility. Our benefits are dedicated to supporting the total wellness, education, motivation and empowerment of our associates to lead healthy lives both at work and at home. Above all, we want associates who know how to work smart and have fun. Located in 920+ hometown stores across the U.S. and Canada and online, we design Feel Good Fashion for Real Life™: casual essentials in sizes 0-24 with a fashionable twist like super...
maurices contact details
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425 West Superior Street,Duluth,MN,US

maurices Management & Employee Directory

Catherine Gossett
Catherine Gossett
Area Sales Lead at maurices covering WEST TEXAS and PERMIAN BASIN areas.
Karen Ness
Karen Ness
Sr Manager, Program Design at maurices
Sue Ross
Sue Ross
Chief HR and Communications Officer at maurices
Tanya Colber
Tanya Colber
Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett
District Leader at maurices looking for top tier talent in the Dallas/Austin/San Antonio area
Cindy Newell
Cindy Newell
Sourcing Director | Retail Apparel | Product Development | Purchasing | Procurement | Supply Chain | Cost Negotiations
Tara Ravenscroft
Tara Ravenscroft
District Leader at maurices, covering Chicagoland and NW IL

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