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Keywords Studios is an international technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry. Established in 1998, and headquartered in Dublin, Keywords now has over 50 studios located across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. We provide integrated art production, engineering, audio services, testing, localization and player support services across 50 languages and 14 game platforms to a blue chip client base in more than 20 countries. We have a strong market position, providing services to 23 of the top 25 most prominent games companies. With over 5,000 passionate gaming employees around the world, we provide services to video game developers and publishers alike. Our brands include Alchemic Dream, Around The Word, Asrec, Babel, Binari Sonori, Blindlight, Cord Worldwide, d3t, Dune Sound, Enzyme, Fire Without Smoke, GameSim, Kite Team, Laced, La Marque Rose, Lakshya, LOLA, Liquid Development, Liquid Violet, Mindwalk, Player Research, Red Hot, Rever...
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Dublin, Ireland, Ireland

Keywords Studios Management & Employee Directory

Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter
Leader in gaming | General Manager | Vice President Of Product Development | Executive Producer
Kumar Ashu
Kumar Ashu
Localization Project coordinator at Keywords Studios
Elodie Powers
Elodie Powers
Service Line Director, Audio Dev, Streaming & Broadcast at Keywords Studios
Mitchell Miller
Mitchell Miller
Global Business Development Manager at Keywords Studios
Avnish Goswami
Avnish Goswami
Project Lead at Keywords Studios (Lakshya Digital)
Evie Baron-hernandez
Evie Baron-hernandez
Trainer, Leadership Development at Keyword Studios and Chipotle Superfan
Manuele Pepe
Manuele Pepe
Lead Audio Engineer at Keywords Studios LA
Micaela Belluzzo
Micaela Belluzzo
Senior Resource Management & Quality Control - Localisation
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy
General Counsel and Company Secretary at Keywords Studios
Feyza Nur Metin
Feyza Nur Metin
Localization Quality Assurance Tester at Keywords Studios
Jonathan Taylor
Jonathan Taylor
Business Development at Keywords Studios | delivering tier-one strategic solutions for the gaming industry and beyond | Web3 | jonnytaylor.eth
Lucas Miranda
Lucas Miranda
Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Keywords Studios | Recruitment | Employer Branding | Gaming
Mini Garg
Mini Garg
🎯#Linguist #Content Creator #MiniWrites | #Hindi & #English
Peter Gerson
Peter Gerson
you need help to optimize your #customersupport, #communitymanagemet and #trustandsafety, using our knowledge, insight, technology & People? reach out!
Seb Ohsan Berthelsen
Seb Ohsan Berthelsen
Games Industry veteran. Operations, development/publishing services.
Tara Phillips
Tara Phillips
Create Services Solutions Architect at Keywords Studios

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