IQ Pipeline, LLC

"Our mission is to become a seamless extension of your office". We exist to serve our customers in the most complete and efficient means possible. We sincerely expect that you will experience a completely different level of service beginning the first time you contact our team. We hire resourceful, professional people who desire to make your experience both productive and pleasant. Services offered include: •Temporary Staffing, both short and long term •Direct Placement •Temporary to hire •Managed Services (also referred to as On Site Services or Managed Staffing) Our perspective on employees, candidates, and applicants: Employees are our most valuable resource. We endeavor to understand your objectives and motivations. We respect your time and have designed our screening and hiring processes accordingly. The majority of our assessment tools are administered via telephone, e-mail and the internet. A visit to our office is generally not required until you are selected for a positio...
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staffing & recruiting
1550 Hotel Circle North, Suite 270,San Diego,CA,United States

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