GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd

Grandpharma (originally as Wuhan Pharmaceutical Company) was founded in 1939 as a medical material factory for Eighth Route Army during the WW II. Through the merger into China Grand Enterprises in 2002, Grandpharma has been evolving its business from bulk API to high-end ingredients production, transforming itself upstream to producing innovative drugs and downstream to producing pharmaceutical preparations. After becoming the main enterprise of Hong Kong-listed parent company (HK: 00512) and through acquisition of 18 domestic and international companies, Grandpharma has now become China's largest ophthalmology & otorhinolaryngology Pharmaceutical Group, one of a few China's cardiovascular first-aid medicine provider and the world's top drug coated balloon technology owner. Grandpharma is now actively expanding its business in the field of interventional therapy for cancer. Headquartered in Wuhan, Grandpharma has subsidiaries distributed across Hubei Province and in Beiji...
GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd contact details
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GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd Management & Employee Directory

Hui Ouyang
Hui Ouyang
Chief Scientific Officer at GrandPharma (China) Co., Ltd
Linda Shi
Linda Shi
Chief Medical Officer in charge of R&D innovation: Communication, Cooperation, Care
Bo  Ruan
Bo Ruan
Sr. Director, Head of Clinical Operation, R&D at GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd
Eddie Yan
Eddie Yan
Director of International Project Operations at Grandpharma (China) Co. Ltd
Yan Chen
Yan Chen
Talent Acquisition Supervisor at GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd
Caitlyn Zhou
Caitlyn Zhou
GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd - Talent Development Project Manager
Charlotte Sun
Charlotte Sun
China Otsuka pharmacoustical Co. Ltd. - Product Manager
Lucas Zhou
Lucas Zhou
BD Manager at Grandpharma (China) Co.,Ltd
Simeng Yan
Simeng Yan
Senior Business Development Manager (MedTech) at GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd
Dingli Dai
Dingli Dai
Life Science & Health PhD with Molecular Biology expertise and Scientific Business Development experience in AI Medtech
Zengran(simon) Zhang,ma
Zengran(simon) Zhang,ma
远大医药(中国)有限公司 - 海外HRBP&TD高级经理
Zhipeng Wang
Zhipeng Wang
Vice president of R&D at AuroRNA Biotechnology Co., Ltd. A subsidery of Grandpharma

GrandPharma (China) Co. Ltd Competitors

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