Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd

GARAVI GUJARAT is one Britain’s oldest and biggest selling Asian titles. Published newspaper weekly in full colour in both English and Gujarati it is the biggest selling Gujarati publication outside India. It has extensive coverage of India, reports on Asian news in the UK and covers the global diaspora, giving it a breath and range of stories few other publications can match. A family-centred publication, it has sections relevant to each member of the household and also reports extensively on spiritual affairs and cultural events close to the Gujarati community in the UK and US. It also has sport, fashion, health and Bollywood, among its weekly offerings.Garavi Gujarat is known around the world and is most famous for the quality of its Gujarati language prose and the Newspaper's founder and editor-in-chief, Ramniklal Solanki was awarded a CBE for services to the Asian community and publishing. His diary and aphorism columns are one of the most eagerly anticipated and widely read pers...
Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd contact details
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Garavi Gujarat House 1 Silex Street, London,London,England,GB

Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd Management & Employee Directory

Kamal Desai
Kamal Desai
Financial Manager at Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd.
Subramanian Iyer
Subramanian Iyer
business manager at garavi gujarat publications ltd
Chandrakant J Dave C J Dave
Chandrakant J Dave C J Dave
Senior Writer at Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd
Rashmita Solanki
Rashmita Solanki
Columnist at Garavi Gujarat Publications Ltd

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