Traveling, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery or the thrill of the unknown opens your mind to the wonders of the world. We at ExOfficio celebrate the traveler by crafting garments that allow you to experience the world unhindered. ExOfficio was born in 1987 when our founders discovered the need for technical apparel that performs as gear. They engineered a shirt with the functionality of a fly-fishing vest, built-in ventilation, and the construction of a dress shirt. Today, we put the same thought into every detail for garments that will enhance any adventure. In 25 years we have gone farther than we ever thought possible while remaining true to our original mission. You often have to return to a familiar place to realize the wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways you grew from your travels. We hope that everyone can interact with the world in such a way as to improve it and themselves. It is with that hope that all of our products are Made to Adventure.
ExOfficio contact details
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apparel & fashion
4202 6th Ave South,Seattle,Washington,US

ExOfficio Management & Employee Directory

Adriane Hirsch-quintanilha
Adriane Hirsch-quintanilha
Travel Outfitter at Exofficio Specialty Clothing
Matthew Rutkowski
Matthew Rutkowski
Dealer Service Representative at ExOfficio
Susan Bell
Susan Bell
Production & Tech Design Mgr at ExOfficio
Toni Pricco
Toni Pricco
Store Manager, Downtown Seattle Store at ExOfficio
Angela Tait
Angela Tait
Associate's degree at Bellevue College
David Field
David Field
Product Support Specialist at PacWest Machinery
Melanie Whittall
Melanie Whittall
Sales Representative at SALUS Marine Wear- Western Canada
Siemone Phimpiela
Siemone Phimpiela
Apparel Product Development | Pattern Making | Garment Fitting | Pant Specialist | Adobe Illustrator | Optitex

ExOfficio Competitors

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Spyder Active Sports
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