Founded in 1991 and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Michelin Group, Euromaster provides tyre and vehicle maintenance solutions to business and retail customers throughout Europe. Euromaster is a leading European network with more than 11 000 people, 2300 service centres (integrated and franchisees, mixture of retail, comprehensive and truck locations) and 2800 mobile units in 17 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Far from being just a tyre specialist, Euromaster offers a full range of services and "service maintenance repair"​ skills to all types of vehicles: - specialisations/activities: Premium, Mid-range and Budget Tyres, 24/7 Commercial Vehicle Breakdown, Tyre Management, Mobile Tyre Fitting, Tyre inflation, Fleet Inspections, Wheel Alignment, Servicing, Shock Absorbers, Exhausts, Batteries, Brakes, Nitrogen, Air Conditioning, eshop, ebooking...
Euromaster contact details
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Clermont Ferrand, France, FR

Euromaster Management & Employee Directory

Benoit Pons
Benoit Pons
CEO - Transformation et redressement - Services techniques et distribution B2B
Peter Karlstrom
Peter Karlstrom
Sales Director and B2B Segment Manager at Euromaster Sverige
Celine Chotteau
Celine Chotteau
Head of CRM Europe at Euromaster, Michelin Group
Gert Kiks
Gert Kiks
Regional Procurement & Supply Chain Manager Northern & Central Europe
Jorge Garcia
Jorge Garcia
Workplace Health and Safety Manager at Amazon
Tommy Falth
Tommy Falth
Nordic IT Project Manager at Euromaster
Ivona Farkas
Ivona Farkas
GRC SAP Security Leader at Euromaster Tyre
Adina Poenaru
Adina Poenaru
CMO marketing ¦ digital ¦ growth ¦ strategy, ex McKinsey Associate Partner, building businesses, transforming organizations and developing people
Clement Legent
Clement Legent
Direction grands comptes, EUROMASTER MICHELIN GROUP
Monica Rosina
Monica Rosina
Facility Management, HR Business Partnership
Severine Brunel
Severine Brunel
Assistante de la Direction des Opérations chez Euromaster Groupe Michelin
Thomas Gayot
Thomas Gayot
Mécanicien automobile chez Euromaster

Euromaster Competitors

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