Eros International PLC

Follow us @ErosIntlPlcEros International Plc (EROS:NYSE) is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, which co-produces, acquires and distributes Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide. We are one of the oldest companies in the Indian film industry to focus on international markets and we believe we are pioneers in our business. Our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated over the past 40 years with leading talent, production companies, exhibitors and other key participants in our industry. Leveraging these relationships, we have aggregated multi-format rights to over 3,000 films in our library, including recent and classic titles that span different genres, budgets and languages. Eros Now, our over-the-top entertainment platform, has digital rights to over 10,000 films across Hindi and regional languages from Eros’s internal library as well as third party aggregated content which we believe makes it one of the largest Indian movi...
Eros International PLC contact details
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Eros International PLC Management & Employee Directory

Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein
Chief Executive Officer - Eros Now at Eros International PLC
Mihir Karlekar
Mihir Karlekar
GM and Head- Commercial at Eros International PLC
Poornima Kamath
Poornima Kamath
General Manager- Social Media at Eros International PLC
Pradeep Dwivedi
Pradeep Dwivedi
GROUP CEO- EROS MEDIA WORLD PLC (Listed NYSE) | Executive Director- Eros International Media Ltd. (Listed BSE, NSE)| Director- Eros Now Pvt. Ltd| Business Leader in 🌎 Digital, Metaverse, Media & Enter
Ridhima Lulla
Ridhima Lulla
Founder at Immerso, Content at Eros Media World Plc
Manpreet Bumrah
Manpreet Bumrah
Senior Vice President - Distribution & Alliance, Eros International and Head Techzone at Eros International PLC
Aman Anand
Aman Anand
Sr. Manager PR and Digital Marketing
Sanjay Kakkar
Sanjay Kakkar
Senior Software Engineer at Eros International PLC
A Christie
A Christie
Vice President -Intl Distribution & Marketing
Akshay Gupta
Akshay Gupta
Film & Television Marketing | Brand Marketing at Eros Now, Eros Now Music, Mzaalo
Ashok Swamy
Ashok Swamy
Sound Engineer at Eros International LTD
Gaurav Rastogi
Gaurav Rastogi
OTT business at Eros International PLC
Miss Mayra
Miss Mayra
Human Resources Executive at Eros International PLC, Independent Beautiful Girl Living in Delhi. Charming, Attractive,
Pooja Bhor
Pooja Bhor
QA Engineer at Eros International PLC
Sana Siddiqui
Sana Siddiqui
Vice President - Content Development - Eros Now
Srushti Babrekar
Srushti Babrekar
Sr. Client servicing executive at Eros International Pvt. Ltd.

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