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P. O. Box 8,Berrien Springs,MI,US
Eco-Roofs specializes in pre-grown, fully established green roof trays, plants, plugs, cuttings, vegetated mats, green walls and other supplies. Eco-Roofs has the most economical, highest quality, easiest to install pre-grown green roof trays on the market and available now. Eco-Roofs pre-grown trays come in several styles and depths beginning with our very affordable basic tray which can be enhanced with a biodegradable liner up to 6 inches deep. These trays are designed for maximum savings on installation labor while providing immediate green roof benefits and aesthetic pleasure for an affordable price and years of productive use. Thousands of square feet are grown on speculation and maintained to save you even more time. Our advanced tray option is a fully integrated, hybrid system with a biodegradable tray that still allows pre-growth at the Nursery for immediate green roof benefits. Supported by a drainage and filtration base, this tray biodegrades into a fully integrated, monolithic system with full root, nutrient and water transference. A broad plant selection is available with the built in capillary drip irrigation option also designed for use in drier climates. This tray is particularly suited for urban agriculture and comes in several depths. Eco-Roofs comes to you with over 40 years of horticulture growing experience with a full staff of Accredited Green Roof Professionals (GRPs) backed by nursery specialists ready to serve any of your green roof needs.

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The widely used ECO-ROOFS llc email format is {f}{last} (e.g. [email protected]) with 75.00% adoption across the company.

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