Recognized as a disruptor in the health industry, dosist is setting a new standard in access to natural plant-based health and wellness solutions. Through our award-winning products, we provide consistent, targeted formulas and precise dosage, allowing people to experience the benefits of cannabis-based therapy in an effective and predictable way. Named by Fast Company as one of 2018's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the industry, dosist is committed to empowering people to naturally take control of their health & happiness. To learn more, visit
dosist contact details
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health, wellness & fitness
Los Angeles, California, US

dosist Management & Employee Directory

Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green
CEO at 14th Round & Co-Founder at Final Bell
Katherine  Conway
Katherine Conway
GM eCommerce at dosist & dosist health
Sarah Young
Sarah Young
Actress / Executive Assistant To CEO & President, dosist
Blake Bilstad
Blake Bilstad
Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary at Beachbody; Board Member at dosist
Lauren Festante
Lauren Festante
Global VP Finance l Beauty, FMCG I Kendo Brands - LVMH, L'Oreal | Chief member | Board Advisor
Karli Himmelman
Karli Himmelman
Director, People & Culture at dosist
Nick Jikomes
Nick Jikomes
Director of Science & Innovation | Neuroscientist | Plant Chemistry Researcher | Data Strategist | Podcast Host | Scientific Advisor | Investor
Jake Davis
Jake Davis
Territory Account Manager at dosist
Matthew Luna
Matthew Luna
Systems Operations Manager at dosist
Usha Khanna-taylor
Usha Khanna-taylor
UX/UI Design | Visual Design | JavaScript | HTML | CSS
Gershon Glezer
Gershon Glezer
VP, Retail Operations at Perfect Union
Steven Spiegel
Steven Spiegel
Entrepreneur, I failed over and over again but that’s what made me successful.
Theresa Conduah
Theresa Conduah
Vice President, Intellectual Property at dosist

dosist Competitors

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