Like many retailers, Debenhams has had to take some tough decisions through the period of the pandemic in order to give the business a viable future. We are working hard to make sure that we continue to play an important part of the community with our 124 continuing stores anchoring shopping locations up and down the country. We are developing a leaner and more flexible operating model to allow us to adapt to the radical changes in retailing. This is based on strong foundations: we hold leading market positions in key categories of fashion and beauty, we are one of the top 10 digital retailers in the UK and more than one in four of the population shops with us. To support Debenhams at this challenging time, our people need to demonstrate: Energy – One Team – Ownership – Ambition Please visit our careers site for our current opportunities
Debenhams contact details
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London, England, United Kingdom

Debenhams Management & Employee Directory

Aurélie Vicente
Aurélie Vicente
Digital Transformation | Strategy | Programme Management
Carl Milton
Carl Milton
Managing Director at Williams and Griffin
Alison E H Roberts
Alison E H Roberts
Music Teacher/ Vocal Coach/ Event Management & Promotions
Kerrin Arens
Kerrin Arens
Head of Systems - Supply Chain and international at Debenhams
Maria Clay
Maria Clay
Design Consultant - Accessories/Handbag Design
Matthew Parry
Matthew Parry
Transformation | Strategy | PMO | Business Change | Retail | Supply Chain - Available
Tiffany Buck
Tiffany Buck
Sourcing top talent for Debenhams Head Office, London
Shahzad Mehdi
Shahzad Mehdi
Professional Customer Service Advisor seeking new opportunities
Helena Mallaghan
Helena Mallaghan
Estee Lauder Business Manager @ Debenhams Glasgow
Gary Alderson
Gary Alderson
Transformation Delivery Manager at Debenhams
Nicola Debney
Nicola Debney
Head of Learning and Development at Debenhams
Jennifer March-Jones
Jennifer March-Jones
Sales Manager Cosmetics Fragrance Accessories, Debenhams Woking
Martin Saxton
Martin Saxton
Retail Operations Manager at Arcadia Group Ltd
Lisa-Marie Peacock
Lisa-Marie Peacock
Head of Design, Young Fashion Brands and Casual Brands

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