makes it easy for everyone—not just the "data people"—to get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question. Our cloud-native data catalog maps your siloed, distributed data to familiar and consistent business concepts, creating a unified body of knowledge anyone can find, understand, and use. In addition to our enterprise product, is home to the world’s largest collaborative open data community. It’s where people team up on everything from social bot detection to award-winning data journalism. We continuously use what we learn from this community to improve the enterprise product, and vice versa. Our team co-created the Manifesto for Data Practices, the most effective, ethical, and modern approach to data teamwork. More people signed the Manifesto for Data Practices in its first year than signed the Agile Manifesto in its first two years is an Austin-based Certified B Corporation founded by serial entrepreneurs from Bazaarvoice, HomeAw... contact details
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7000 N Mopac Expy,Austin,Texas,US Management & Employee Directory

Stewart Coerver
Stewart Coerver
Director, Sales Engineering at
John Seals
John Seals
Marketing Operations Analyst @
Patrick Frasier
Patrick Frasier
Where do dads store their jokes? A dadabase
Alex Huckabee
Alex Huckabee
Sales Engineer at + Founder/Operator of
Dan Foley
Dan Foley
Strategic Account Executive at
Sean Gajjar
Sean Gajjar
Building the best data catalog in the world. Senior Software Engineer @
Ajay Bhargava
Ajay Bhargava
Founder & CEO at Analytics Advisory Group | Founder & CEO at CareeRising | Advisor at
Brandon Gadoci
Brandon Gadoci & Pitchfish. Swiss Army knife for growing companies. First employee & current VP of Demand Gen at I build machines and breakdown walls. Good at talking. I made the owl.
Moses Smith
Moses Smith
Product Engineering Manager at
Karli Burghoff
Karli Burghoff
CVO and Marketing Specialist at Happy to be repping the world’s best damn data catalog.
James Gray
James Gray
Manager of Knowledge Graph and Marketplace
Stephanie Fuller
Stephanie Fuller
Employee Experience & Talent at
Dustin Goss
Dustin Goss
Financial Advisor - Specializing in Small Business, Entrepreneur and Individual Strategies
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson
Organizations exist to serve. Period. | Helping Data Leaders +Stewards+ Consumers get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question.

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