Chaban Wellness

About Chabán Wellness:
 Inspired and motivated by his own experience of losing over 160 pounds and overcome anorexia and bulimia, the famous actor, author, motivator, and entrepreneur Alejandro Chabán established Chabán Wellness, a company dedicated to providing products and nutrition tips to help people get a healthy lifestyle and look spectacular inside and out. Established in 2012 in Miami, FL, Chabán Wellness currently owns, manages and markets the product line Yes You Can!™, and the website
Sobre Chabán Wellness: Inspirado y motivado por su propia experiencia de bajar más de 160 libras y superar la anorexia y la bulimia, el conocido actor, autor, motivador y empresario Alejandro Chabán estableció Chabán Wellness, una empresa dedicada a ofrecer productos y consejos de nutrición para ayudar a las personas a obtener un estilo de vida saludable y lucir espectacular por dentro y por fuera. Establecida en el 2012 en Miami, FL, Chabán Wellness actualmente es propietario...
Chaban Wellness contact details
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health, wellness & fitness
657 South Dr,Miami Springs,Florida,US

Chaban Wellness Management & Employee Directory

lonnie ayers
Lonnie Ayers
Co-Founder at Mapertunity
scott ornstein
Scott Ornstein
Chief Operating Officer at Leaf Logix Technology
norma jaramillo
Norma Jaramillo
Field Sales Development Manager at SwissJust USA
cid gomes
Cid Gomes
IT Leader, Technical Architect, Database Engineer
laura elgueta
Laura Elgueta
Director of Digital Marketing at Chaban Wellness

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