BST Global

BST Global is the leading global provider of enterprise business management software and service solutions for engineering, architectural, and environmental consultancies. Today, over 100,000 end users across six continents and 65 countries rely on BST Global's software solutions to manage their projects, resources, finances, and client relationships. Founded in 1971, the privately held BST Global is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA and is a global organization with a presence in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
BST Global contact details
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5925 Benjamin Center Drive,Tampa,FL,United States

BST Global Management & Employee Directory

Justin Torre
Justin Torre
Team Manager Technical Services at BST Global
Mario Ocon
Mario Ocon
I help brands define their value and express it by crafting innovative website solutions and strategic online marketing initiatives.
Stan Carpenter
Stan Carpenter
ERP & Database Applications Specialist - Technical Support
Evelyn March
Evelyn March
Director of Training and Development at BST Global
Steve Greenberg
Steve Greenberg
Director of Infrastructure and Cloud Services at BST Global, Inc.
Melinda T
Melinda T
Strategic Content Leader, Marketing Communications Professional & Avid Storyteller
Sundara Moorthi Shankariah
Sundara Moorthi Shankariah
Technology Leader, Solutions Architect, Project Management Consultant, Instructor, and Speaker
Coskun Tuzgol
Coskun Tuzgol
Regional Sales Director Europe at BST Global
Jarrod McKenzie
Jarrod McKenzie
Account Manager Asia Pacific at BST Global
Nagib Chowdhury
Nagib Chowdhury
SDET/Automation Engineer | Data Science student @ CU Boulder
David M Graham
David M Graham
Professional Services Executive | Consulting Leader | Operations Excellence | Global Account Management and Support
Darryl Williamson
Darryl Williamson
Director of BI & KM, BST Global; Lead Pastor Living Faith
Shelley Phayre
Shelley Phayre
Global Marketing Lead for Brand & Creative Strategy at BST Global
Denise Delosreyes
Denise Delosreyes
Global Human Resources Manager at BST Global
Caitlyn Conte Palumbo
Caitlyn Conte Palumbo
Enterprise Account Executive- SaaS | ERP Solutions | AEC Industry

BST Global Competitors

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