Bossa Nova Robotics

Bossa Nova is the leading provider of real-time, on-shelf product data for the global retail industry. Its technology collects terabytes of data that enables the retail ecosystem to optimize the omnichannel shopping experience. With a multidisciplinary team of robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and big data scientists, Bossa Nova has solved the challenges to deploy fully autonomous service robots in busy and crowded environments. Bossa Nova’s robots are currently deployed in 350 stores across the United States, with plans to expand to additional stores, making it the largest deployment of this kind of technology in the world. Forbes - 2019 Most Promising AI Companies
Bossa Nova Robotics contact details
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information technology & services
Mountain View, California, US

Bossa Nova Robotics Management & Employee Directory

Jeff Hahn
Jeff Hahn
Driving organic top line growth for retailers | ML/AI | Robotics
Gavriel Adler
Gavriel Adler
Senior Software Architect at Bossa Nova Robotics
Rick Salisbury
Rick Salisbury
Director, Software Quality Assurance at Bossa Nova Robotics
Aaron Beckman
Aaron Beckman
Annotation Team Lead (Contractor) at Bossa Nova Robotics
Esra Petursson
Esra Petursson
Production Support Manager at Bossa Nova Robotics
Casimir Mostowy
Casimir Mostowy
Multi-disciplinary Engineer / System Architect
Jainu Jogani
Jainu Jogani
Robotics, Medical Device, Consumer and Industrial Electronics Engineer.
Red Mckay
Red Mckay
Managing Director Europe/ VP Global Sales Bossa Nova Robotics
Terry Bringazi
Terry Bringazi
Sr. Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). Will soon join

Bossa Nova Robotics Competitors

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consumer electronics
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logistics & supply chain
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Information Technology & Services

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