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Patients in an emergency aren’t always in a position to report the information you need to get reimbursed on their transport charges. And some who had no coverage at the time of transport become eligible for certain programs later. At Black Ink Systems, we are passionate about seeing providers reimbursed on every dollar that is available from government benefits programs. Based on our cutting edge technology and over 20 years' experience in healthcare revenue recovery, we can find missed reimbursements for your unpaid transport charges through: - Commercial payers - Medicaid and Medicare - Crime Victims Compensation - Indian Health Service - Other county, state, and federal indigent programs. The best part is that there's absolutely no-risk to you, being that if our system does not bring you a billable payer sources (that pays your claim) then our work doesn't cost you a dime. It's a guaranteed approach that eliminates all the risk. Contact Us for more information on how Black Ink S...
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Hospital & Health Care
Fort Worth TX United States

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