BBC Chartering

BBC Chartering is the global market leader for the ocean carriage of heavy lift and project cargoes. We support our clients with the world’s largest fleet of currently 150 multipurpose and heavy lift vessels. Our global organization and chartering network work with our clientele in the daily planning and execution of engineered transport solutions for single cargo transactions, sophisticated heavy lift projects or strategic volume ocean freight contracts. The BBC Chartering fleet portfolio ranges from 4,320 to 56,800 dead weight tonnage (DWT) and features lifting capacities up to 1,400 mt representing the world’s largest trading capacity for the transportation of project cargoes. BBC Chartering tailors the project requirements for any sector and is the global leader in multi-purpose/heavy-lift ocean freight transportation solutions from the project FEED/bid stage through execution; for the energy, oil & gas, steel, renewable energy, and mining sectors.Established in 1997, BBC Charterin...
BBC Chartering contact details
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Hafenstr. 10b,Leer,DE

BBC Chartering Management & Employee Directory

Peter Roland
Peter Roland
Managing Director at BBC Chartering Japan Ltd
Christian Meyer
Christian Meyer
Head of Nautical & Technical at BBC Chartering / Master Mariner / DP unlimited
Eric Schmid
Eric Schmid
Sr. Chartering Manager at BBC Chartering & Logistic
Raj Vaidyanathan
Raj Vaidyanathan
Senior Chartering Manager at BBC Chartering
Richard Young
Richard Young
Assistant Claims Manager at BBC Chartering
Stefanie Barthmann Moll
Stefanie Barthmann Moll
Operations and Customer Service Manager at BBC Chartering
Andreas Rocksien
Andreas Rocksien
Business Development, KAM & Project Chartering at BBC Chartering Singapore
Federico Gaggino
Federico Gaggino
Chartering Broker presso BBC Chartering Iberia
Michael Rasmussen
Michael Rasmussen
Shipping Man, Aviation Nerd, Investor, Philanthropist, RoliProjects - Hansa Meyer Roliprojects, Login FMS - BBC Chartering, FreightPal
Valeria Pinheiro
Valeria Pinheiro
Bulk & Chartering Division na BBC Chartering

BBC Chartering Competitors

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