The Reliance Bearing and Gear Company Ltd. is Irelands largest Bearing, Power Transmission, Automation and Agricultural Mechanical Spares Distributor. Reliance is a 4th Generation Irish family owned business that was established in 1925 by Horace Rhodes Kenworthy. Reliance operate 3 strategically located branches within Ireland and has a combined 40,000 sq ft of warehousing. Traditionally Reliance serves Industry, Agriculture and OEM'S however over the last 10 years sectors such as Automation, energy and renewable technologies has significantly grown in importance. Reliance is ready to serve 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our corporate strategic goal is to assist our customer base reduce cost and improve efficiency through the various technologies we represent. Reliance aim to deliver this objective through our continuous up-skilling training programs and our close working relationships with world leading manufacturing partners such as FAG, NSK, Timken, FYH, Brook Crompton, Ra...
RELIANCE contact details
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Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
50 Eastgate Drive, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Cork, IE

RELIANCE Management & Employee Directory

Anup Deshmukh
Anup Deshmukh
Country Head | Advisor, Spin A Yarn India; Daughters of India | Ex- PBBI | Ex- Osram | Ex-Reliance | 3x Start-up Founder
Hillel Fuld
Hillel Fuld
Global Speaker, Tech Columnist, and Startup Marketing Advisor
Payal Ghanshani
Payal Ghanshani
Talent Manager @Wishtree Technologies || Hiring for Pre-Sales Consultant, MS SQL Server Developer
Sachin Agrawal
Sachin Agrawal
HR Head - B2B E-Commerce | Ajio Business | Reliance Retail | Top 40under40HR- Jombay | Top 100 HR Super Achievers WHRDC
Sachin Agrawal
Sachin Agrawal
HR Head - B2B E-Commerce | Ajio Business | Reliance Retail | Top 40under40HR- Jombay | Top 100 HR Super Achievers WHRDC
Servo Motor Repair Expert
Servo Motor Repair Expert
Servo Motor+Servo Drive Repairs | New-Refurbished Motor & Drives~ Motor Encoders from Stock [email protected]
Shathi Sharma
Shathi Sharma
Vice President Human Resources at Reliance Retail
Swapnil Kothari
Swapnil Kothari
Head of Learning and Development at Reliance Retail

RELIANCE Competitors

Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
CGC Group - Bulldog Heat Pump
Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
Jongia Mixing Technology
Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
AHI Carrier Fzc
Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering
EnPro Industries Inc.
mechanical or industrial engineering

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