RCN Capital

RCN Capital is a national, direct, private lender. Established in 2010, we provide commercial loans for the purchase or refinance of non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties. We specialize in short-term fix & flip financing as well as long-term rental financing for real estate investors. We lend to experienced real estate professionals, investors, and contractors throughout the country. We value referrals; brokers are protected. Loan Program Highlights: After Repair Value (ARV) Loan Program Term: 12 Months LTV: Up to 75% of After Repair Value LTC (Loan-to-Cost): Up to 90% of Purchase Price, Up to 100% of Rehab Costs FICO: 650 Minimum Credit Score Property Types: Residential 1-4 Units; Multi-Family Real Estate; Condos; Townhomes; 5+ Unit Apartments Occupancy: Non-Owner Occupied No Pre-Pay Penalty Long-Term Rental Loan Program Term: 30 Years LTV: Up to 80% of the As Is Value LTC (Loan-to-Cost): Up to 80% of Purchase Price FICO: 650 Minimum Credit Score Property Type...
RCN Capital contact details
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Financial Services
Suite 102,South Windsor,Connecticut,US

RCN Capital Management & Employee Directory

Scott Evans
Scott Evans
Regional Loan Originations Director at RCN Capital
Rob Kavaler
Rob Kavaler
Graphic Design Manager at RCN Capital
Tiffany Walker
Tiffany Walker
Looking for Correspondent Lenders to Partner with the Leading Nationwide Direct Lender for Real Estate Investments
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson
Commercial Loan Officer at RCN Capital
Dana Lynne Montanari
Dana Lynne Montanari
Loan Originator | Creator of Experience | Catering Consultant
Edvina Xhikneli Medolli
Edvina Xhikneli Medolli
Define Success On Your Own Terms - Anne Sweeny
Gabriel Bowen
Gabriel Bowen
Computer Room Operator at Walgreens Distribution Center
Ishika Rajawat
Ishika Rajawat
Master's in Business Analytics and Project Management |University of Connecticut| Power BI | Tableau | Python | SQL | JMP |R

RCN Capital Competitors

financial services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Bankcard Alliance
Financial Services

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