Patina | 436 followers on LinkedIn. Reinventing primary care so people 65+ get the healthcare and aging experience they deserve. | We believe everyone should have the opportunity to live their best lives and age with dignity. That’s why we’re reinventing primary care with an approach designed to profoundly improve the healthcare and aging experience for older adults and their loved ones. Our technology-enabled care model is centered around the unique needs and values of adults 65 and older, who deserve an experience that is human, personalized and on-demand.
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Hospital & Health Care
Suite 500,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,US

Patina Management & Employee Directory

Mike Harris Ceo Patina - A Korn Ferry Company
Mike Harris Ceo Patina - A Korn Ferry Company
CEO at Patina Nation & Patina Solutions | A Korn Ferry Company | Leader in Executive Search & Interim Talent Placement | Speaker | Author |
Rimas Buinevicius
Rimas Buinevicius
Vistage Advisory Group Chair | Conscious Leader Motivating CEOs & Business Owners
Wayne Spivak
Wayne Spivak
Growth is Good - Having Cash Flow Issues? We can help with your Cash Management, We're Outsourced CFO's We assist businesses in E-Commerce, Private Equity, Distribution, Retail, Service and Manufac
Sofija Misljenovic
Sofija Misljenovic
Director of Well-being at Patina Maldives Fari Islands (Capella Hotel Group)
Frank Marino
Frank Marino
Vice President Of Talent Acquisition at OTG Management
Randy Samsel
Randy Samsel
Talent Optimization | Executive Search | Career Coach | Award Winning Board Member

Patina Competitors

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