LaunchGood is a global crowdfunding platform to support Muslims Launching good all across the world by helping them raise funds for their campaigns. There are nearly 2 billion Muslims in the world - as in 2 million people a thousand times over. That's a lot of people! Yet if you look at the most popular businesses, movies, books, etc., how many come from Muslims? Sadly few to none. Is it possible that Muslims just aren't capable of being creative & entrepreneurial? Our history as the founders of algebra, chemistry, coffee, shampoo and much more plainly reject that idea. LaunchGood was started as a community and ecosystem to revive that spirit of creativity and entrepreneurism that elevated Muslims globally for centuries. It is a place to support great ideas in the community and also challenge ourselves to think bigger. It is a network that insists the ummah is still alive in our hearts, that we are connected no matter where we are. It is our showroom to the world of all the great...
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4444 2nd Ave, Detroit, Michigan 48201, US

LaunchGood Management & Employee Directory

Nur Sharain Abdul Rashid
Nur Sharain Abdul Rashid
APAC Regional Head at LaunchGood, Council Member of CSED
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan
Director, Business Marketing at LaunchGood
Foreed Islam
Foreed Islam
Regional Fundraising Manager at Islamic Relief UK
Naamaa Issa
Naamaa Issa
Business Strategy Senior Manager/ Program Manager
Amira Murphy
Amira Murphy
Educator with growth marketing experience
Anas Beshir
Anas Beshir
Business Development Consultant | Systems Analyst
Hammam Elmasri
Hammam Elmasri
Social Entrepreneur, Marketing, Social Media and Crowdfunding Expert.
Omar Erfan
Omar Erfan
Customer Experience Specialist at LaunchGood
Raher Osman
Raher Osman
Empowering Collaboration, Innovation, and Impact
Samad Husain
Samad Husain
Analytics Engineer at LaunchGood & Analytics Consultant
Serdar Bayram
Serdar Bayram
Networker, NGO & Community Expert, Business Developer and Lifetime Student ✏️
Zainab Husain
Zainab Husain
Vice President Operations at LaunchGood

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