Indigeco Pty Ltd

Indigeco Pty Ltd is a Supply Nation Certified Indigenous Business. We connect businesses with industries' most talented people through Labour Hire, Recruitment and offer Specialised Services in the Infrastructure Sector. Indigeco promotes cultural diversity and social inclusion in all our core services. We are committed to empowering our First Nations people to connect with meaningful employment and providing career pathways. We currently operate in NSW with offices in both Sydney, Dubbo, Newcastle and the Central Coast and support clients interstate. Our Directors have over 35 years combined experience working in the construction industry delivering major infrastructure projects with Tier 1 contractors for government clients inclusive of TfNSW, Sydney Metro and ARTC. We have held positions inclusive of Project Director, General Superintendent, and Safety Advisor on major projects and as such are well informed on the needs of our clients. Our staff are highly experienced and professio...
Indigeco Pty Ltd contact details
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Staffing & Recruiting
Level 10,North Sydney,New,AU

Indigeco Pty Ltd Management & Employee Directory

Todd Mason
Todd Mason
Managing Director at Indigeco Pty Ltd
Jo Fenner
Jo Fenner
Recruitment Coordinator- Indigeco (placing Indigenous & Non-Indigenous candidates)
John Jones
John Jones
A qualified accountant specialising as Data Steward and Developer of accounting and business systems.
Greg Barnes
Greg Barnes
Executive Director focused on Sustainable Developments and Inclusive communities.
Celso Paiva
Celso Paiva
Senior Project Manager at Haslin Constructions
Frank De Vitis
Frank De Vitis
Over 30 years experience in the engineering and construction industry.
Luke Hazell
Luke Hazell
Training tamper operator at National Track Machine Operators
Mark Tarrant
Mark Tarrant
Proud Wandandian man from the Yuin Nation
Troy Pickwick
Troy Pickwick
Indigenous Engagement Advisor at Indigeco Pty Ltd

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