IPK Gatersleben

The IPK is an internationally leading scientific institution in the fields of plant genetics and crop science. In four scientific departments and five independent working groups, the IPK focuses on revealing the underlying principles of evolution, development and adaptation of important crops. On this basis, it seeks innovative solutions in the fields of scientifically-based crop plant germplasm conservation and exploitation, aiming to improve resource use efficiency and enhance the sustainability of plant-based production. A unique feature of the institute is the close relationship enjoyed between its interdisciplinary and internationally focused research teams working within an ultramodern research infrastructure and the genetic diversity conservation activity carried out in one of the world’s longest established and largest ex situ gene banks. Scientific excellence, innovation and social relevance are brought together under the theme “Biodiversity and Performance” of crops. The IPK...
IPK Gatersleben contact details
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IPK Gatersleben Management & Employee Directory

Stefanie Hilpert
Stefanie Hilpert
Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung bei Blaue Quelle - BluRoom GmbH & Co.K
Matthias Lange
Matthias Lange
Scientific Data Manager bei IPK Gatersleben
Andreas Houben
Andreas Houben
wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter bei IPK Gatersleben
Anna Schallau
Anna Schallau
PostDoc Molekularbiologie bei IPK Gatersleben
Kehinde A Adeboye
Kehinde A Adeboye
Research | Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment | DAAD Alumnus
Marina Pupke Marone
Marina Pupke Marone
Pesquisadora | Genética e Bioinformática | Genômica de Plantas
Monique Branco
Monique Branco
Researcher & Consultant | Sustainable Production and bioeconomy | Climate change mitigation | Bioenergy & Bio-based products | Computer Modeling | Process Optimization toward a Net-zero future

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