DEMACO Extruders and ancillary pasta equipment Manufacturers and distributors of ultra sanitary, hard-use pasta equipment for the dry, frozen, fresh, canned and artisan pasta producer. The DEMACO design philosophy is to combine the latest pasta processing methods with a construction standard that meets the needs of the world’s largest and most sophisticated food companies. Our machinery is built using only the finest materials and ultra heavy duty components available. All DEMACO pasta equipment is manufactured exclusively from high quality American produced stainless steel. Precision fabrication and machining methods are used in conjunction with thousands of individual quality inspection points. Many DEMACO pasta extruders have been in full 24 hour daily production for over 50 years. Our machines are built to a standard and not to a cost target. That is why DEMACO is the world leader in sanitary pasta extruders with more than 5 x the installed customer base of all competitors c...
DEMACO contact details
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2681 Aurora Rd, Melbourne, Florida 32935-2854, US

DEMACO Management & Employee Directory

Anko Knoop
Anko Knoop
Chief warehousing & Transport at Demaco Holland BV
Edu Tuynman
Edu Tuynman
project coordinator at Demaco Holland BV
Bianca Bos
Bianca Bos
ass. Business Unit Manager BU Plants
Bob Pandrea
Bob Pandrea
Accountmanager Germany and Austria at Demaco Holland bv
Marco Klijbroek
Marco Klijbroek
Project Manager / Engineer at Demaco Holland bv
Marco Roos
Marco Roos
Manager Engineering at Demaco Holland BV
Maurice Dekker
Maurice Dekker
Manager Sales & Marketing at Demaco Holland bv
Richard Klos
Richard Klos
Project manager at Demaco Holland bv
Jeong Kyung Oh
Jeong Kyung Oh
Oil&Gas, LNG, Renewable energy project development consulting & Agency Service. FPSO, LNG, Floating Offshore Wind, Ship building/Conversion project support.
Jermayah Alyafie
Jermayah Alyafie
Gecertificeerd RVS TIG(141) MAG(135) lasser bij Demaco Holland bv
Johan Pardjo
Johan Pardjo
Cost Engineer / Sales Support at DEMACO
Toet De Vries
Toet De Vries
Passie voor organizing en schoonmaken

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