CPFD Software

CPFD Software provides specialized Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software and solution services used by leading: • Engineering service providers • OEMs • Manufacturer industries worldwide in o Oil refining o Petrochemical o Energy o Minerals processing To design, troubleshoot and optimize industrial fluidized bed reactors (FBRs) – improving profitability and competitive advantage through: • Improved equipment performance • Lower warranty risk and rework • Higher yields • Lower operating costs • Longer up-time CPFD’s Barracuda Virtual Reactor®️ software is recognized as providing a unique capability to model industrial FBRs at full-scale, changing how fluidized bed reactors are traditionally designed and optimized. Virtual Reactor™ software is able to handle both the scale and complexity of the internal operation of FBRs due its proprietary Barracuda®️ modeling technology that, unlike other C...
CPFD Software contact details
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Computer Software
Suite E,Houston,Texas,US

CPFD Software Management & Employee Directory

Suraj Chowdhury
Suraj Chowdhury
IT Infrastructure and Operations Director at CPFD Software
Sam Clark
Sam Clark
Barracuda Virtual Reactor Product Manager at CPFD Software
Ali Akhavan
Ali Akhavan
Senior Process Engineer - Fluidization at CPFD Software
Paul Earhart
Paul Earhart
Senior Software Engineer at CPFD Software
Peter Blaser
Peter Blaser
Vice President of Operations at CPFD Software
Tony Jones
Tony Jones
Vice President of Software at CPFD Software
Travis Carver
Travis Carver
Researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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computer software
computer software

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