Advivify is one of the leading digital advertising platform that offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers. Advivify is a privately owned international Performance/Display/Video/Native Network. We provide world-class Affiliate, Mobile and Reward Solutions to hundreds of premium brands worldwide, helping our clients optimise their paid, owned and earned media to drive greater volume and value of sales, and higher marketing ROI than other performance-marketing companies. Our Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technologies provide numerous selling options across screens and ad formats. Through robust relationships with the leading exchanges/partners, we provide the connections that can drive higher yield. Our Technology and Algorithms allow Publishers to increase the possibilities to maximize the Revenues through access to our wide variety of Advertisers from different verticals. Our prompt expertise analysis and recommendations brings best yield for your traffic prov...
ADVIVIFY contact details
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Marketing & Advertising
Honolulu, Huwaii 96817 , US

ADVIVIFY Management & Employee Directory

Anuranjana Chauhan
Anuranjana Chauhan
Founder at Advivify | We're Hiring ! Attending AW Dubai 2023? Lets meet!
Arpit Kumar
Arpit Kumar
Business Head - Performance Marketing & Media Buying
Mukund Madhav
Mukund Madhav
Helping Businesses to promote events with Potential Influencers | Business Head
Bhanu Veerapatnam
Bhanu Veerapatnam
Sr. Affiliate Manager at ADVIVIFY - Looking for CPI, CPR, CPA, VAS traffic for direct and exclusive offers
Kavita Rathore
Kavita Rathore
Influencer marketing Manager at Advivify
Vaibhav Tomar
Vaibhav Tomar
Business Development Specialist at ADVIVIFY

ADVIVIFY Competitors

High Impact Sign & Design Llc.
Marketing & Advertising
EAG Advertising Group
Marketing & Advertising
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marketing & advertising
MC Squared
Marketing & Advertising

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