49 Square Catering

We serve the entire Bay Area, from Monterey to Wine Country. From large scale corporate productions to intimate weddings, our team of experienced event professionals can help you plan any type of event. We’re here to help. We play with our food. So, no matter what we create for you, it will be presented with style and a bit of whimsy. 49 Square thrives on the challenge of large events. As veterans in the industry we have all worked on parties where the guest count numbered in the thousands. We may be a new company, but we’re not newcomers and we have all worked as a team before. We’ve got our groove on. We’ll create the perfect environment for your celebration or event. If you need a venue, we’ll help you find one. If you have a venue, we’ll help you decorate it. We can help you with entertainment, florals, photography, lighting and A/V, tenting and interactive themes. We can provide as much assistance as you need. Our commitment to the environment is important to us, so we are a re...
49 Square Catering contact details
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food & beverages
1760 Cesar Chavez St. Suite M,San Francisco,Ca,US

49 Square Catering Management & Employee Directory

Anthony Barr
Anthony Barr
Owner/Creative Director at AGA Restaurant Group LLC
Noe Gomez
Noe Gomez
Kitchen manager at 49 Square Catering
Todd Hines
Todd Hines
Production Manager at 49 Square Catering
Mark Walker
Mark Walker
Leveraging my proven success in the Hospitality Industry to help you find the perfect space to bring your dream to life!
Richard O'brien
Richard O'brien
Landscape design and management by day, butler or bartending for private events by night!
Valmar Aquino
Valmar Aquino
Associate's degree at The Art Institutes ( Culinary Art )

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