150Bond partners with some of the most exciting companies in the fast-paced world of tech, from crypto disruptors to game-changers in food to the VCs sourcing the next big thing. We offer high level strategic advice to c-level executives, creating bespoke branding and networking opportunities to ensure the world today knows about the technology of tomorrow.
150BOND contact details
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Public Relations & Communications
146 W 29th St, 9W, New York, NY 10001, US

150BOND Management & Employee Directory

Walter Delph
Walter Delph
CEO | Digital Transformation | Board Member | Advisor
Amy Brett
Amy Brett
Global Operations and Events Manager at 150BOND
Bruce A
Bruce A
Former Vice Chairman Nasdaq (NDAQ), Board Member/Strategic Advisor
Eoghan D
Eoghan D
Strategic Marketing Communications Specialist
James Cook
James Cook
Advising startups and VC firms on comms at 150Bond
Mia Gradelski
Mia Gradelski
Fintech Student | Personal Finance Creator | Featured in WSJ & Bloomberg Wealth | 2023 Tory Burch Innovation Scholar | Fidelity Boundless Scholar | Girls Who Invest Ambassador

150BOND Competitors

Public Relations & Communications
Cision Germany GmbH
public relations & communications
Works Design
Public Relations & Communications
Public Relations & Communications
1st Degree
Public Relations & Communications
The Key PR
Public Relations & Communications
public relations & communications

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