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Issa, Sarah - West Corporation Inandan, Ian Jerrick - De La Salle Lipa Inodeo, Oliver - Periodico Advocacy Cooperative (PeriodiCoop) Inocencio, Sheena - Stream Global Services Igot, Maria Sheryl Lyn - TMX Philippines, Inc. Ipili, Joanie - Innovent Asia-Pacific Inc. Ingles, Annie - Oracle Philippines Inc., Lagman-Garcia - Self-employed Isip, Bianca Louie - Best western oxford suites makati Idago-Sibbaluca, Carla Farnesyl - The Generics Pharmacy Ibanez, Alejandro - Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation, Inc. (GRACE) Imbuido, PMP, Kathy - ANZ Itaralde, Melissa - The Philodrill Corporation Inductivo, Mike - Philippine Airlines Israel, Aileen - GREEN CHEMICALS CORPORATION Igot, Maria Pilar - Nippon Express Philippines Corporation Ismail PMP, Mohammad - Ericsson Communications Inc. Philippines IGNACIO, IMELDA - Armscor Shooting Center, Inc. Ioniarilala, Radonirina - Govt of Cape Verde/Dept Fisheries/West Africa Regional Fisheries Project (by The World Bank) Iqbal, Dr. Muhammad Owais - Automotive Research and Development Center, Chrysler Canada Inc. Isaacs, Jesse - Keewatin Air ISMALEBBE [ B.Sc.Eng,PGDip Eng,MIEEE..], ABDUL GAFOOR - City of Brampton Isson, Jean-Paul Ianniello, Barbara - ADP Imelda, Bautista - Link4staff Inc Ijtemaye, Zohra - Columbia Forest Long Term Care (Seniors home) Ipsen, Frank - Taystar Incorporated Ioachim, Octavian - OIRM Indraratne, Thilini - Constellation Brands Ierfino, Nick - Ierfino & Associates Chartered Accountants Ivkovic, Sinisa - Education Quality and Accountabilty Office Impact, Chris - TOM*|FW - Toronto Men's Fashion Week