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We are die-hard fans of education. Our team is genuinely excited about the difference our work can make for millions of students around the world. The best companies in the educational market, including Fortune 500 companies, come to us to share their ideas and ask us for help. From virtual school content to digital-first college textbooks, if you have an idea, we’ll help you make it happen. Bring it on. Words & Numbers is a digital-first content company that builds pedagogically sound content for high stakes education initiatives. W&N is a mid-size ed-tech company that enjoys a premier position in both K-12 and Higher Education. Our clients are today’s digital-first leaders, including OpenStax, Discovery Education, Pearson, schools and colleges, and many more. We are passionate about education and focused on helping our clients create innovative products – interactive textbooks, virtual courses, game-based applications, and much more. Take a look at our portfolio, or ask us for...
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2050 Rockrose Avenue,Baltimore,MD,US

Words & Numbers Management & Employee Directory

Daniell Murray
Daniell Murray
Assistant Site Coordinator at A Way With Words & Numbers
Sharon Bowen
Sharon Bowen
Science Content Supervisor at Words and Numbers, Inc.
Stefani Resseguie
Stefani Resseguie
Director, STEM and Assessments at Wisewire Ed
Susan Kirshner
Susan Kirshner
Words + Numbers | Institutional-quality marketing materials for small to midsized asset managers | GCM Grosvenor alum
Alexis Mclaughlin
Alexis Mclaughlin
Looking for small freelance writing or editing projects. Contact me!
Kerry Ceszyk
Kerry Ceszyk
Owner / Writer and Editor, Elements Writing LLC
Laura Hoffman
Laura Hoffman
SME high school mathematics Curriculum design/development/implementation
Michael De Nola
Michael De Nola
Freelance Writer, Assessment Writer, Instructional Designer
Shoshana Flax
Shoshana Flax
Associate Editor at The Horn Book, Inc. MG author, repped by Amy Stern, Sheldon Fogelman Agency.

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