Some of the world’s leading companies use Waratek to patch, secure and upgrade their mission critical applications. Waratek is a pioneer in the next generation of application security solutions. Using patented technology, Waratek makes it easy for security teams to instantly patch known flaws with no downtime, protect their applications from known and Zero Day attacks, and virtually upgrade out-of-support Java applications – all without time consuming and expensive source code changes or unacceptable performance overhead.Waratek is one of CSO Online’s Best Security Software solutions of 2017, a winner of the RSA Innovation Sandbox Award, and more than a dozen other awards and recognitions.Waratek is based in Dublin, Ireland and Atlanta, Georgia. For more information visit https://www.waratek.com/
Waratek contact details
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computer software
117 Towne Lake Pkwy,Woodstock,Georgia,United States

Waratek Management & Employee Directory

CEO | Motivational Style | Go-to-Market Strategist | Board Member
John Holt
John Holt
Chief Operating Officer at Waratek
Michael An
Michael An
Director at Perle Ventures | Venture Partner at Aura Group
Jason Dolan
Jason Dolan
Director of Engineering (Cybersecurity) | Leadership | People / Process / Project Management | Mentoring | Coaching
Conor Mac Aoidh
Conor Mac Aoidh
Lead Software Engineer (UI) at Waratek
Michal Sobierski
Michal Sobierski
Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at Waratek
Ruairi Newman
Ruairi Newman
Principal Systems Administrator at Waratek
Alan Greene
Alan Greene
Automation Architect at Waratek Ltd

Waratek Competitors

Information Technology & Services
computer & network security
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