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Design for virtual theatre, games, mixed reality marketing campaigns and e-learning I direct and design virtual theatre performances, -urban & alternate reality games, interactive web portals and many other new media products. Storytelling through differents kinds of media is something i can do all day long. Besides my part-time job as a teacher at the HKU, I also work on small 2d and 3d animation projects I run with other development teams. Together we create and design short animation video’s and mini games. I made it “worlds first” in graduating for my bachelor degree (in art and technology) inside a virtual world and my latest achievement is a 2011 spinaward for the alternate reality game “The Silver Line Society” for Microsoft Netherlands. Specialties Wide experience in art & movie directing, design and development for theatre & games productions and teaching ‘process management in gamedesign’ at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Able to quickly translate & visualize an idea in concept phase, using 2D, 3D and 4D. Researching online communities, creation of game systems in an online environment, project management. producing marketing related game campaigns, producing a wide range of custom tailored web content.

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