Vici Marketing, LLC

Vici Marketing, LLC specializes in business to business sales throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Vici's corporate office complex consists of a 300 seat, state of the art call center along with executive, IT and administrative offices. Vici's market leadership and steady growth have enabled the company to attract and retain key management and employees further solidifying its position as an industry leader in business to business sales. Vici's unique ability to sell mass market appeal products and services business to business have attracted a diverse client base across several industries. Since inception, Vici has extensive experience in all facets of business to business initiatives including: Product Development, Customer Acquisition, Fulfillment, Banking, Customer Service and Outsourcing. As the company and its client relationships have evolved Vici has focused more exclusively on Customer Acquisitions and structured longer term, more lucrative agreements with clie...
Vici Marketing, LLC contact details
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Vici Marketing, LLC Management & Employee Directory

Bj Stewart
Bj Stewart
Accounting Supervisor at VICI Marketing, LLC
Chaepn Hurst
Chaepn Hurst
Consultant in government contracting at Fed Biz Access
Debra Ennen
Debra Ennen
Management consultant at Vici Marketing, LLC
Jason Sequeira
Jason Sequeira
Take over specialist at Vici Marketing, LLC

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